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Thursday, December 22, 2011

It Started With A Kiss (1959)

An Air Force sergeant (Glenn Ford) has a whirlwind romance with a dancer (Debbie Reynolds) in New York and they marry within 48 hours of knowing each other. But when he's shipped off to Spain and she joins him there, she realizes how little they really know each other and insists on a platonic marriage until they do. This bubbly adult comedy is quite open and frank about sex for its day (1959) and while not very original (one sequence is wholly lifted from Hawks' BRINGING UP BABY), it manages to be consistently amusing and Ford and Reynolds (who has a terrific scream) play off each other very well. Handsomely shot in CinemaScope by Robert Bronner (IT'S ALWAYS FAIR WEATHER) on location in Spain. One of the film's key "characters" is a hideous one-of-a-kind red automobile especially designed for the film which was later painted black and used for the Batmobile in the BATMAN TV show. With Eva Gabor, Gustavo Rojo, Fred Clark, Harry Morgan, Edgar Buchanan, Carmen Phillips, Joi Lansing, Richard Deacon and France Bavier.

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