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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Last Flight Of Noah's Ark (1980)

A cantankerous animal hating pilot (Elliott Gould) finds himself flying a dilapidated B-29 bomber transporting a missionary (Genevieve Bujold) and a cargo of farm animals and two young stowaways (Ricky Schroder, Tammy Lauren) to a South Pacific island. But they are forced to make a crash landing on an uncharted island inhabited by two Japanese soldiers (Yuki Shimoda from AUNTIE MAME, John Fujioka) who've been on the island for 35 years and don't know WWII is over. Since this is a Walt Disney family film, the Japanese soldiers aren't dangerous but wacky and adorable. Fortunately, the cynical presence of the burly Gould and the ladylike sexiness of Bujold prevent the film from totally sinking into treacle. As far as stranded on a desert island movies go, there have been better but this one is amiable enough and the Hawaiian locations are handsomely shot by Charles F. Wheeler (TORA TORA TORA). The unremarkable score is by Maurice Jarre who also composed the cringing and mawkish song (lyrics by Hal David) that rears its ugly head a few times. Directed by Charles Jarrott (who directed Bujold to an Oscar nomination in ANNE OF THE THOUSAND DAYS). With Vincent Gardenia, John P. Ryan and Dana Elcar.

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