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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Code Two (1953)

Three police cadets (Ralph Meeker, Robert Horton, Jeff Richards) become friends during their training period at the Los Angeles Police Academy. All three end up as motorcycle cops but when one of them is murdered, the remaining two vow to find his killers. This low budget 70 minute quickie tossed out by MGM is tight and efficient though it plays out like a big screen version of the 1950s TV show HIGHWAY PATROL. It has a couple of shocking moments that stand out (a policeman's cold blooded killing, an acid bath for a criminal) that are pretty raw for a 1950s movie and it benefits from the L.A. location filming which gives it some realism. But overall, it's a "B" movie that does its job but nothing that pushes it out of the ordinary either. Still, you'll be entertained. Directed by Fred M. Wilcox (FORBIDDEN PLANET). With Keenan Wynn as the young cops' mentor, Sally Forrest, Elaine Stewart, Chuck Connors and William Campbell.

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