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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Cult Of The Cobra (1955)

In 1945, six American soldiers in Asia (possibly India) view a forbidden snake ceremony where a woman morphs into a cobra. When one of them attempts to take a photo, chaos ensues and the high priest vows the men will all die. One does die there from a snake bite but when they get home to the states, other deaths imply the curse is upon them! I had a good time with this kitschy potboiler. You know exactly what it is going in and I wasn't disappointed. How can you not like a movie with a woman dancing in a cobra outfit that looks like it came right out of season one of AMERICAN HORROR STORY. I couldn't help but grin how when anyone mentioned snakes or curses, ominous music would play and the cameraman (the great Russell Metty) would highlight the area around Faith Domergue's eyes. As a horror film, it's not very scary unless rubber cobras frighten you. Actually, I developed a sympathy for Domergue's snake girl and her mission to wipe out the G.I.s. After all, they were told not to make their presence known during the ceremony. It's not the kind of film where the acting matters much but Marshall Thompson delivers a little more than the role requires so he was the only character I didn't want to see become a victim. Directed by Francis D. Lyon. With Richard Long, David Janssen, Jack Kelly and Kathleen Hughes who I was hoping would get bit!

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