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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Kingfisher (1983)

An aging novelist and womanizer (Rex Harrison) reads an obituary of an old rival who married the woman (Wendy Hiller) he loved. He invites the widow to tea in the hopes of rekindling a fifty year old romance. Based on the play by William Douglas-Home (THE RELUCTANT DEBUTANTE), this is a three character piece that doesn't bother (or can't) hide its theatrical origins. Fortunately, instead of a film set, the film was shot in a gorgeous old renovated mill house in the English countryside which gives a less stage bound feeling to the proceedings. It's the sort of film that depends heavily on its cast and here it shines. Harrison elegantly navigates his way around a quip easily, Hiller brings her no nonsense graciousness and Cyril Cusack as Harrison's servant turns a pout into a master acting class. It's a chatty little piece but with enough agreeableness to keep one grinning. Directed by James Cellan Jones.

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