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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Crash! (1977)

Confined to a wheelchair, a jealous husband (Jose Ferrer) plots to have his young wife (Sue Lyon) killed by his pet dog while she's out driving. She manages to survive the attack but when she regains consciousness, she has amnesia. A doctor (John Ericson) and nurse (Leslie Parrish) try and help her get her memory back. Meanwhile, a driverless car wreaks havoc on the California highways. Is there a connection? You bet! Following in his father's footsteps, this super low budget "B" movie was the directorial debut of Charles Band, son of schlockmeister Albert Band. The narrative makes no logical sense whatsoever but the film is just an excuse to have an orgy of automobile destruction as cars pile up, crash and burn, explode and fly in the air! Actually, considering this was the era of pre-CGI, the car crashes are pretty impressive. And that's all the film has to offer ..... cars crashing. Unfortunately, the lovely Lyon spends much of the movie covered up in bandages but she's the only cast member who doesn't seem to realize she's in a piece of cheese. With John Carradine and Reggie Nalder.

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