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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Ski Party (1965)

Two college students (Frankie Avalon, Dwayne Hickman) aren't having any luck with the two girls (Deborah Walley, lovely Yvonne Craig who passed away this week) they want to make their girlfriends. So they follow the girls to a ski lodge and go undercover as two English girls in order to find out what it is they want from boys. A wan variation of SOME LIKE IT HOT and Avalon and Hickman are no Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon! This installment of the Beach Party franchise moves to the snow but it's the same old hijinks. Annette Funicello passes the baton to Walley but makes a cameo appearance as a college professor. The jokes are lame, the dialog flat and the music with one exception, inconsequential. The movie comes alive when James Brown heats things up with I Got You (I Feel Good) and suddenly the blandness of the film is even more apparent. Somehow it works better on the beach rather than in the snow. Directed by Alan Rifkin. With Robert Q. Lewis, Bobbi Shaw and Aron Kincaid. 

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