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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Shock (1946)

While waiting for her husband (Frank Latimore) to return home after being a prisoner of war during WWII, a young woman (Anabel Shaw) witnesses a man (Vincent Price) murdering his wife and goes into shock. When a doctor is brought in to treat her ... it's the man she saw murder his wife! This second tier "B" film noir is directed by Alfred L. Werker (HE WALKED BY NIGHT). It's a low budget programmer to be sure and outside of Price and Lynn Bari as his mistress, the acting is subpar. But it's tight and economical at an hour and 10 minutes running time. On the plus side, Werker keeps the mood suitably forceful (including a nice storm sequence) and the atmospheric lensing by Joseph MacDonald and Glen MacWilliams is full of noir shading and shadows. Not essential viewing but for the noir enthusiast it's worth checking out. With Steve Dunne and Reed Hadley.

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