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Friday, June 24, 2016

The World In His Arms (1952)

In 1850 San Francisco, a sea captain and seal hunter (Gregory Peck) wanted by the Russians for poaching seal pelts on Russian territory falls for a Russian countess (Ann Blyth), herself fleeing an unwanted marriage to a Russian prince (Carl Esmond). Based on the novel by Rex Beach (THE SPOILERS) and directed by the veteran Raoul Walsh who had directed Peck in another high seas adventure the year before, CAPTAIN HORATIO HORNBLOWER R.N. This is a colorful and rambunctious action/adventure that races quickly to its conclusion with a small detour for some romance and when the lady involved is the lovely Blyth, who's going to complain? About the only sour note is the all too obvious rear projection which makes the film's highlight, a sea race between Peck's ship and a rival ship captained by Anthony Quinn, less thrilling than it would have been if filmed entirely on a real ocean. With John McIntire, Andrea King, Hans Conreid, Rhys Williams, Eugenie Leontovich and a young Bryan Forbes (yes, the director).

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