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Friday, January 6, 2017

Suspect (1987)

When a woman (Katie O'Hare) is murdered in Washington D.C., a homeless deaf mute (Liam Neeson) is arrested for her murder. An overworked public defender (Cher) is assigned to defend him. But what looks like a simple murder case soon turns out to have a motive that reaches the highest levels of the federal government. Directed by Peter Yates (BULLITT) from an original screenplay by Eric Roth and Roth's screenplay is the culprit here. It's so sloppily written and preposterous that it's amazing how entertaining the movie is anyway. If you can get past Cher as an oveworked public defender and the film's appalling premise: Cher's attorney and a jurist (Dennis Quaid) on her case unethically colluding to solve the murder, the script's coincidences and plot holes shouldn't bother you though I couldn't help wondering if anybody in D.C. locks their car doors. 1987 was a busy year for Cher and she fared better with MOONSTRUCK and WITCHES OF EASTWICK but if there's ever a true guilty pleasure, this film defines it. Still, despite the red herring provided, the film's reveal of the killer is a real eye roller. The Herrmannesque score is by Michael Kamen. With John Mahoney, Joe Mantegna, Philip Bosco and E. Katherine Kerr.

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