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Saturday, April 28, 2018

The Maze (1953)

After inheriting a remote castle in the Scottish highlands as well as the title of Baronet, a young man (Richard Carlson) mysteriously breaks off his engagement. His fiancee (Veronica Hurst) and her Aunt (Katherine Emery) go to Scotland to confront him but what they find is beyond belief! Directed by William Cameron Menzies (INVADERS FROM MARS), this was originally in 3D. I watched it in 2D but the detail (it was shot by Harry Neumann) is excellent and I imagine it would look quite impressive in 3D. As to the film itself, it's quite entertaining with an appropriate atmosphere of foreboding and mystery until the film's last eight minutes when the big reveal encourages unintentional laughter. It's a pity because what came before wasn't half bad. If you prepare yourself for the movie's ridiculous finale so you won't be disappointed, there's every chance you might enjoy this slice of "B" horror. The cast includes Michael Pate, Hillary Brooke, Lilian Bond and John Dodsworth. 

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