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Friday, June 15, 2018

Zombies Of Mora Tau (1957)

A wealthy American (Joel Ashley), along with his wife (Allison Hayes) and crew, journeys to Africa in search of a sunken ship reputed to have a cache of diamonds aboard. What he wasn't prepared for were the zombies protecting the diamonds from being taken. Directed by Edward L. Cahn, this low budget bottom bill programmer is from the Sam Katzman factory so you know it's a cheapie. Whoever thought that underwater zombies was a good idea? I suppose it works as a kitschy creature feature if you're in a forgiving mood but boy, is it dull. Hayes' bitchy wife seems like she could save the movie if they'd only let her rip but she's turned into a zombie far too early. As for the other actors, with one exception, they're a sorry lot. The one exception is Marjorie Eaton as the grandmother who uses an actor's resources to bring a surprising authority to the movie, it's certainly not in the script. With Gregg Palmer as the film's "hero" (you may have problems differentiating him from the zombies), Autumn Russell and Morris Ankrum. 

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