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Friday, March 11, 2011

Alice Through The Looking Glass (1966)

Instead of going down the rabbit hole, this time Lewis Carroll's Alice (Judi Rolin) steps through the looking glass and discovers a parallel world where the evil Jabberwock (Jack Palance) terrifies the populace. I've seen many version of the popular Lewis Carroll tale and this one easily ranks near the bottom. The entire production comes across as an amateurish community theatre production with cheesy production values. Since this is a musical version of Alice, we have to endure unlistenable bad imitations of Broadway show tunes, composed by Moose Charlap and Elsie Simmons and the young Miss Rolin who is annoying to the extreme. In fact, the entire cast seems to playing to an audience of five year olds. Palance does seem to be having a bit of fun as the Jabberwock and Agnes Moorehead as the Red Queen manages to keep her dignity intact but the others like Ricardo Montalban, Nanette Fabray, Jimmy Durante (as Humpty Dumpty), Dick and Tom Smothers (Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, of course), Robert Coote, Richard Denning, Iris Adrian and Jackie Joseph aren't so fortunate.

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