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Friday, October 29, 2010

Anne Of The Indies (1951)

Fast moving pirate adventure with a twist directed by Jacques Tourneur (OUT OF THE PAST). The pirate is a lady! A protege of Blackbeard The Pirate (Thomas Gomez), Captain Anne Providence (Jean Peters) ruthlessly pillages the British fleet in the Caribbean. On one such ship, she discovers a Frenchman (Louis Jourdan) in chains and cautiously takes him under her wing despite the misgivings of her right hand man (James Robertson Justice). There's a revelation mid film however that makes Jourdan rather unsympathetic. The screenplay by Philip Dunne and Arthur Caesar allows Peters to flesh out a fully realized character rather than just a pirate gender switch. Her drive to get her revenge on British, her determination to receive the respect she feels she deserves conflict with her very human emotions, both romantic and psychological. The rousing score is by Franz Waxman. With Debra Paget, Herbert Marshall and Sean McClory.

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