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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bengal Brigade (1954)

Colorful programmer is enjoyable enough though it comes across as an American western dressed up in the exotic cloak of 1856 India and instead of the cavalry fighting Indians, it's the British fighting East Indian insurgents. A British officer (Rock Hudson) is dismissed from his rank for disobeying orders when he leads a rescue to aid the Indian soldiers under his command when they are ambushed by mutineers. If you can get over the discomfort of cheering on colonial imperialists that are fighting rebels who merely want the British out of their own country, it's a rousing Saturday matinee boys adventure. Directed by Laslo Benedek (THE WILD ONE), the Universal backlot does a decent job of impersonating India. With Arlene Dahl (as always, breathtaking in Technicolor), Ursula Thiess (who would shortly retire to marry Robert Taylor), Dan O'Herlihy, Michael Ansara, Arnold Moss and Torin Thatcher.

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