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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It Ain't Hay (1943)

After killing a horse which was the sole means of support to an ill man (Cecil Kellaway) and his daughter (Patsy O'Connor), a man (Lou Costello) and his buddy (Bud Abbott) attempt to replace the horse which causes a whole string of misunderstandings. Loosely based on the Damon Runyon story PRINCESS O'HARA, this film was long unavailable due to legal problems with the Runyon estate and often referred to as the "lost" Abbott & Costello film. Alas, A&C fans didn't miss much as it's pretty dull stuff. The gags don't amount to much and the best sight gags belong to the nag who plays Teabiscuit (like when he walks through a hotel corridor with over-sized sunglasses on and pillows under his feet to deaden the sound). Worse still, some truly awful songs and musical numbers are stuffed into the film to pad out its brief running time though a black tap act called The Four Step-Brothers are pretty impressive. For A&C completists only. With Eugene Pallette and Grace MacDonald.

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