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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shoot "Em Up (2007)

An itinerant man (Clive Owen) in a major metropolis intercedes when a gunman attempts to kill a pregnant woman. The woman is killed but not after he has delivered her baby. From then on, Owen and the baby, along with the help of a lactating hooker (Monica Bellucci), must keep one step ahead of the killers headed by Paul Giamatti who want the baby. Based on an original screenplay by the director Michael Davis, the film feels like it was based on a pulpy graphic novel. The film is full of over the top cartoonish gore and blood (who knew a carrot could be a lethal weapon?), bad puns and a headache inducing headbanger score. Its juvenile jokes couldn't possibly amuse the most backward of fourteen year old adolescents. The film literally bangs you into submission until you're numbed. The movie is lucky to have the likable, magnetic Owen in the male lead. Whatever watchability the film has, comes from his presence. Giamatti's smugness is beginning to outwear his welcome. Tiresome to the extreme.

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