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Saturday, April 23, 2011

The 39 Steps (1959)

A British diplomat (Kenneth More) finds himself embroiled in an espionage crisis when a spy (Faith Brook) is murdered in his flat and he is accused of her murder. With the information provided to him from the woman before she was killed, More escapes to Scotland where he hopes to pass on this information to one of her confederates. But, of course, it's never as easy as that and miscalculations and complications ensue. Based on the 1935 Alfred Hitchcock film (itself based on the John Buchan novel), this film has a broader comedic element to it than the original film version as well as color and location shooting. It's pleasing in a docile, inoffensive sort of way though lacking the bite and wit of the Hitchcock film. Directed by Ralph Thomas, the film is also less successful in the casting of the new lead roles. More is a rather stodgy hero and Taina Elg (LES GIRLS) as the heroine handcuffed to More, while lovely, seems most uncomfortable. Music by Clifton Parker. With Brenda De Banzie, Joan Hickson and Barry Jones.

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