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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Follow The Sun (1951)

An aspiring golfer (Glenn Ford) and his new bride (Anne Baxter) take the plunge and go on the golf tournament circuit in the hopes that he can make a name for himself in the golf world. After a very slow start, he becomes a champion golfer but because of his chilly persona, he's not liked in the golf world. Then, a horrible accident threatens to end his golf career forever. Based on the life of golf legend Ben Hogan, the film follows the formulaic path of sports bios: failure, success, tragedy, triumph and the little wife who stands by her man through it all. Is there a less cinematic sport than golf? Even pool (THE HUSTLER) and poker (THE CINCINNATI KID) have proved more thrilling than golf on film. Of course, I must confess I'm not a golfer and I suppose to someone who golfs the film might have an excitement that eluded me. Still, I don't play baseball either but baseball movies have proven pretty thrilling on occasion. The film does contain cameos by famed golf champions like Sam Snead and Jimmy Demaret. Directed by Sidney Lanfield. With Dennis O'Keefe in the film's best performance as a hard drinking golfer who clowns around to mask his insecurities. Also with June Havoc, Warren Stevens, Larry Keating and Nana Bryant.

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