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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ride Out For Revenge (1957)

A cowardly Indian hating Cavalry officer (Lloyd Bridges) is attempting to move an indigenous Cheyenne tribe to a government reservation but they refuse to go. When the tribe's chief (Frank DeKova) is murdered in cold blood, it seems an Indian war can't be averted. Set against this background, a romance between a white man (Rory Calhoun) and an Indian maiden (Joanne Gilbert, RED GARTERS) seems doomed to failure. On one level, this is a frustrating western because the potential is there for a strong edgy western that wants to make a bold statement but it can't seem to fully commit. Yet in the film's final scene, it still manages to make an ironic statement regarding the white man's usurping of Indian lands. Directed by Bernard Girard. Floyd Crosby (HIGH NOON) did the well defined B&W images and there's an admirably restrained score by Leith Stevens. With Gloria Grahame, very good as a lonely landlady (though her "just out of the beauty parlor" hair-do is anachronistic), Vince Edwards and Cyril Delevanti.

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