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Saturday, July 20, 2013

House Of 1,000 Dolls (1967)

Set in Tangiers, a magician (Vincent Price) and his glamorous assistant (Martha Hyer) are in actuality a front for a group of white slavers. Nubile young beauties are kidnapped and used as prostitutes in the infamous brothel known as the House Of Dolls. But when they kidnap one such beauty (Maria Rohm, VENUS IN FURS), her fiance (Sancho Gracia) tracks down her whereabouts which sets in motion a series of events that put the white slave ring in jeopardy. This slice of Euro-sleaze is actually rather tame. A flash of breasts, babes stripped and whipped while the sadistic madam (Yelena Samarina) gloats, hardly shocking even for 1967. Still, apparently, there are several versions out there and it depends on whether you're watching the English, Spanish or German version and running times vary from 90 to 95 minutes (which is the version I saw). Curiously, a scene in which George Nader's character's real identity is revealed is in German, not English, which makes me suspect it was cut for the American release. But for the Euro-trash it is, it's mildly entertaining but never as outrageous as an exploitation film should be. Directed by Jeremy Summers. With Ann Smyrner and Wolfgang Kieling.

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