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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sierra (1950)

A young horse wrangler (Audie Murphy) and his father (Dean Jagger) live a secluded life in the mountains away from civilization. The father is a wanted fugitive for a crime he did not commit. When a young girl (Wanda Hendrix, Mrs. Audie Murphy at the time) gets lost near their mountain cabin, it isn't long before their hideout is revealed and the law after them again. This minor second tier western is a pleasant enough diversion for undemanding western buffs. Russell Metty's (TOUCH OF EVIL) vivid cinematography takes full advantage of the spectacular Utah locations with an assist from solid matte work (a cabin on the edge of some high cliffs). Hendrix looks like a dead ringer for Gene Tierney but without her strong screen presence. Directed by Alfred E. Green. With Burl Ives, who sings so many folk songs he threatens to turn the movie into a musical at any minute, and Tony Curtis, Elliott Reid, Sara Allgood, James Arness and Elisabeth Risdon.

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