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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I've Got Your Number (1934)

A cheeky telephone repairman (Pat O'Brien) falls for a telephone operator (Joan Blondell) at a hotel. But when she gets fired for inadvertently helping a crook (Gordon Westcott) scam a hotel guest, she's fired. He helps get her a new job but Westcott devises a plan for duping her again and absconding with $90,000 in bonds from her new employer. One wouldn't think a movie about the phone company with a telephone repairman as a hero would have much to offer but this pre-code piece of trifle is fast and entertaining. For a pre-code, it's not very racy except for a sequence where O'Brien and his co-worker (Allen Jenkins) fix the phone for some call girls. But the dialogue is snappy, full of wisecracks and clever comebacks and it's over fairly quickly. Directed by Ray Enright (THE SPOILERS). With Glenda Farrell, Eugene Pallette and Louise Beavers, for once not playing a maid but a con woman in a psychic scam.

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