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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Day-Time Wife (1939)

A stay at home wife (Linda Darnell) suspects her husband (Tyrone Power) of having an affair with his secretary (Wendy Barrie). In order to find out what secretaries have that wives don't, without telling her husband, she takes a job as a secretary. Complications arise when she discovers not only is her boss (Warren William) a married wolf but also that her husband is doing business with him. What a pleasant surprise! This little known low-keyed comedy is a charmer in the manner of those Doris Day/Rock Hudson comedies. No one thinks of Power and Darnell when the subject of romantic comedy comes up but they both display a deft comic touch. Their chemistry would carry on to three more films together. What's astonishing is that Darnell was a mere 17 years old when she did this film but you'd never know it as she carries herself with the aplomb of a much more mature woman. I certainly don't want to oversell it but if you come across it, you should find it quite appealing. Directed by Gregory Ratoff (INTERMEZZO). With Binnie Barnes, Joan Davis, Mildred Gover and Leonid Kinskey.

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