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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Catch My Soul (1974)

After being passed over as deacon, a spiteful and vengeful man (Lance LeGault) plots the downfall of the black preacher (Richie Havens) by causing him to suspect the fidelity of his new bride (Season Hubley). This rock musical set in a New Mexico hippie commune is based on Shakespeare's OTHELLO. While the concept is intriguing and in the right hands it might have worked, the film is a misfire. A couple of the tunes aren't bad at all but after awhile, the songs are monotonous. Some are sung as voice overs over the action, some are sung on camera. But the songs aren't the only problem. Much of Shakespeare's dialogue is kept intact and with one exception (Susan Tyrrell as Emilia), the singer/actors are inadequate to the task. Worst of all is LeGault whose portrayal of Iago resembles Linda Blair's possessed Regan in THE EXORCIST! The year before Norman Jewison had filmed JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR in a similar desert setting and CATCH MY SOUL feels like a dim wannabe. Still, it's a one of a kind artifact. Directed by the actor Patrick McGoohan, who wanted his name removed from the film after the producer recut it. Some prints are retitled SANTA FE SATAN. With Tony Joe White as Cassio, Delaney Bramlett and Bonnie Bramlett. 

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