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Friday, December 11, 2015

Siesta (1987)

A young woman (Ellen Barkin) wakes up in a field near an airport in Spain, covered in blood. She can't remember the last few days and as she tries to piece together what transpired during that time, she encounters a strange group of characters who engage in aberrant behavior. Based on the novel by Patrice Chaplin, this was the feature film debut of director Mary Lambert (PET SEMATARY). The film was not a success either critically or box office wise when released but I think it deserved a better fate. Three years later, a very similar but inferior movie JACOB'S LADDER did rather well, go figure! One of the characters shouts in the film, "I hate irrational behavior!". But almost everyone in the film engages in irrational behavior and if one insists on everything making sense then this film will be tough going. It's not particularly difficult to guess where the movie is heading but, along with Barkin's fine performance, it's how the odyssey is executed that makes it worthwhile. With Jodie Foster, Isabella Rossellini, Gabriel Byrne, Martin Sheen, Grace Jones and Julian Sands.  

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