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Monday, February 20, 2017

Too Late For Tears (1949)

Mistaking their car for another, someone drops a $60,000 payoff into the car of a husband (Arthur Kennedy) and wife (Lizabeth Scott). The husband wants to turn it over to the police but in true film noir fashion, his money hungry wife has other plans for that money and nothing and no one will get in her way! Directed by Byron Haskin (THE NAKED JUNGLE), this is an excellent noir. I'm not much of a Lizabeth Scott fan, she's really not much of an actress but she squeezes every bit of juice out of this role! As the ice hearted femme fatale, she's one tough cookie. Hell, even the normally tough guy Dan Duryea (as the guy the money was meant for) is afraid of her and he should be! As long as the movie stays on Scott or Duryea, it's intense stuff. But when it gives time to Don DeFore and Kristine Miller in supporting roles, the picture starts to get soft. I say starts because thankfully Haskin doesn't spend any more than is necessary on them. If you're into noir, then you've already seen it but if you're not, this is definitely worth your checking it out. With Barry Kelley and Denver Pyle. 

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