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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Wild Oats (2016)

A recent widow (Shirley MacLaine) mistakenly receives the wrong amount on her husband's life insurance policy. Instead of a check for $50,000, she receives a check for $5 million! After a bit of guilt, she deposits the check and she and her best friend (Jessica Lange) dash off to the Canary Islands for a holiday in the sun. But an insurance investigator (Howard Hesseman) is soon on their trail. Directed by Andy Tennant (EVER AFTER), this is big screen sitcom stuff. It's like a family friendly version of ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS with MacLaine and Lange as Edina and Patsy. The first 3/4s of the movie are rather enjoyable until it descends into silliness with the last quarter. While it's refreshing to see older actresses like MacLaine and Lange look their age, it's too bad they didn't have stronger material. Still, they probably got nice paychecks and a vacation in the Canary Islands so ..... Anyway, while not worthy of its two estimable leading ladies, it's still a pleasant diversion. With a deglamorized Demi Moore as MacLaine's daughter, Billy Connolly, Stephanie Beacham, Santiago Segura and Rebecca Da Costa.  

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