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Saturday, March 25, 2017

A Stranger Came Home (aka The Unholy Four) (1954)

A man (William Sylvester) returns home after 4 years of amnesia. He hopes to discover who left him for dead 4 years ago. The suspects include three friends (Patrick Holt, Paul Carpenter, David King Wood) who were with him and even his wife (Paulette Goddard) who may have been behind it. But when one of the four turns up murdered, he becomes a prime suspect in the murder. An early Hammer film directed by Hammer vet Terence Fisher. It's based on a novel by George Sanders (yes, the actor) but in actuality was ghost written by veteran screenwriter Leigh Brackett (THE BIG SLEEP). It's a weak rather muddled murder mystery. It's never clear enough (at least to me) about the actual motive of the murder and why the murderer continues to kill. Sylvester's protagonist is thoroughly unlikable and one can see why someone would like to murder him on his unpleasant personality alone. With Patricia Owens and Russell Napier.

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