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Friday, March 17, 2017

Opposites Attract (1990)

When a legendary cowboy movie star (John Forsythe) with a conservative bent decides to run for mayor of a small California coastal town, a liberal feminist (Barbara Eden) decides to run against him. But neither counted on the strong attraction they have for each other which puts a romantic spin on the mayoral race. But can they keep it a secret from the voters? The premise of this romantic comedy shows promise but the film makers hedge their bet by taking the safer route rather than actually confronting the issues they dance around. For example, the voters' fascination with celebrity and how that filters into politics where brand name recognition overshadows the lack of a candidate's qualifications. How a candidate's personal life and past are often used to discredit them when, in fact, they're irrelevant to their capability to handle the job. Although the film is somewhat "dated" (is anyone really scandalized by "out of wedlock" children anymore?), Eden and Forsythe have a nice chemistry which helps hold the thin material together. Directed by Noel Nosseck. With Conchata Ferrell and Ilene Graff.

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