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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Once Bitten (1985)

A 400 year old vampire (Lauren Hutton) must have the blood of a male virgin to keep her youth and beauty. This being L.A. in the 1980s, a male virgin is hard to find! But find one she does in the form of a geeky high school kid (Jim Carrey) but he's not too keen on the idea of being a vampire. Ah, the 1980s, the era of dumb comedies. I think it's safe to say this film probably would never have existed if it hadn't been for the success of LOVE AT FIRST BITE six years earlier. Unfortunately, the film lacks BITE's impudent wit and affection for the genre. Which isn't to say the laughs aren't here, they're just fewer and far between. Mostly they come from Jim Carrey in his first leading role and Cleavon Little (BLAZING SADDLES) as Hutton's sassy butler/chauffeur. Carrey gets a chance to do at what he's best at, physical comedy and his influence from Jerry Lewis has never been more obvious. The "kids" in this film aren't a very interesting lot so I found myself cheering the vampires on. Directed by Howard Storm. With Karin Kopins, Thomas Ballatore, Skip Lackey and Megan Mullally.

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