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Monday, July 3, 2017

T-Men (1947)

Two U.S. Treasury men (Dennis O'Keefe, Alfred Ryder) go undercover as gangsters in order to discover the source of a counterfeit ring. It's a race against the clock as the suspicious counterfeit gang gets closer to discovering their true identities. Directed by Anthony Mann (BEND OF THE RIVER), the movie plays out like a semi-documentary with actual location shooting in Detroit and L.A. rather than studio sound stage sets which gives the film a gritty authentic vibe. The film is fortunate to have the great John Alton (ELMER GANTRY) behind the camera whose use of lighting is legendary and his B&W cinematography here gives the film a texture that enhances the mood and atmosphere. The actors do fine work though it's not the kind of script that allows for much depth of characterization. Still, it's surprising how even in the smallest roles and briefest moments, how a good actor can bring a wealth of information. Mann had not yet moved on to "A" productions but his direction here is tight and solid. With June Lockhart, Charles McGraw, Wallace Ford, Keefe Brasselle, Mary Meade and Jane Randolph (CAT PEOPLE).  

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