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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Earth Girls Are Easy (1989)

Three furry multi colored aliens: blue (Jeff Goldblum), orange (Jim Carrey) and green (Damon Wayans) have their spaceship crash in a pool in the California's San Fernando Valley. The three are taken under the wing of the flighty manicurist (Geena Davis) who lives in the house with the pool. Directed by Julien Temple (ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS), this delightful musical comedy has its tongue firmly planted in its cheek and while at times it seems all over the map, its silliness is hard to resist. Its failure at the box office suggests audiences weren't quite sure what they were getting but the film has developed a strong cult following. It's also a chance to see Jim Carrey and Daman Wayans exercising their comedy chops shortly before they became big name Hollywood players. It's absurd but that's part of its charm. The film's musical numbers are clearly influenced by the style of the music videos then constantly rotating on MTV. With Julie Brown, Michael McKean, Charles Rocket and L.A. phenomenon Angelyne (those outside of L.A. may not know who she is/was).

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