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Friday, August 4, 2017

The Sheriff Of Fractured Jaw (1958)

To avoid his uncle's (Robert Morley) interference, a mild mannered British gentleman (Kenneth More) travels to the American West to sell guns to the local population. Instead, he finds himself mistaken for a gunslinger and appointed as the sheriff in order to stop a range war between two feuding cattle ranchers. Directed by Raoul Walsh, this wan comedy western has a big problem ..... it's not funny! The screenplay could have used a little more wit or at least, poked a little fun at the genre. With a little tweaking, it could have played out as a straight western and it might have played better that way. Kenneth More and a miscast Jayne Mansfield have zero chemistry in roles that Bob Hope and Jane Russell could have sailed through easily. The movie was filmed in Spain, Otto Heller( PEEPING TOM) did the cinematography, but it may as well have been shot on the Fox back lot for all the advantage it makes of the location. Mansfield sings three songs but her singing voice is dubbed by Connie Francis. Originally intended as a vehicle for Clifton Webb. With Henry Hull, Bruce Cabot and William Campbell.   

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