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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Holiday Affair (1955)

Set during Christmas, a young war widow (Phyllis Thaxter) raising her son (Christopher Olsen, MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH) by herself keeps her longtime boyfriend (Elliott Reid) waiting for an answer to his proposal of marriage. When she inadvertently gets a department store clerk (Scott Brady) fired, she attempts to make amends but there's no denying the attraction between the two of them. A remake of the 1949 holiday film with Robert Mitchum and Janet Leigh, all the charm (however minimal) is gone and Thaxter and Brady don't have the movie star presence of Mitchum and Leigh to keep us interested. It's a curiosity at best and I've never had anything against remaking (this was done for television) popular films and it's often fun to compare. But this can't justify its existence. Directed by Earl Eby. With Herbert Butterfield and Mary Adams as the grandparents.   

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