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Friday, December 9, 2016

The Edge Of Seventeen (2016)

A 17 year old girl (Hailee Steinfeld) is a bit of a misfit whose life is full of anxiety and depression that takes a turn for the worst when her only friend (Haley Lu Richardson) falls in love with her older brother (Blake Jenner) who she can't stand. Directed by Kelly Fremon Craig, this is yet another tale of teen angst from the viewpoint of the unpopular kid that everybody ignores including her own mother (Kyra Sedgwick). But it's a very good effort with a fresh take and delivery. The film is fortuitous in having Steinfeld at the film's center. She brings both an actor's sincerity and a comedienne's timing to an authentic portrait of an unsure teen who has yet to find her center. It helps that she's so likable because her character really is a pain in the arse. My only minor quibble is that Hollywood once again casts a very attractive actress (Steinfeld is adorable) in the role of an unpopular misfit when in reality she would probably be the prom queen. But hey, that's the movies for you! When something is this good, why carp on minor issues? With Woody Harrelson, Alexander Calvert and the appealing Hayden Szeto.  

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