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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Loot (1970)

Two young bank robbers (Hywel Bennett, Roy Holder) have pulled off a successful heist. They hide the money in the casket of Holder's recently deceased mother intending to later remove the money and put mother back in her casket. However, everything that could go wrong does. Based on the farce by Joe Orton (ENTERTAINING MR. SLOANE) and directed by Silvio Narizzano (GEORGY GIRL). This diabolical black comedy does little to hide its theatrical origins and indeed, I suspect it might play better on stage than on screen. Which is not to say, it's not amusing in its celluloid incarnation but the broad play acting and stylized frenzy may put some people off. Acting wise, the film belongs to two actors not normally associated with comedy. Lee Remick is hilarious as a gold digging nurse who's been married 7 times ("I can't marry you. You're the wrong faith and income bracket!") and Richard Attenborough as a corrupt and sadistic police detective ("Anything you say may be taken down, twisted round, altered and used in evidence against you"). With Milo O'Shea and Dick Emery.

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