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Sunday, October 29, 2017

The White Orchid (1954)

A journalist (William Lundigan) and a photographer (Peggie Castle) journey into the Mexican jungles where a primitive civilization untouched by modern man allegedly reside. Their Mexican guide (Armando Silvestre) is also attracted to the woman and the three of them form a romantic triangle. Directed by Reginald Le Borg (THE MUMMY'S GHOST), this is a routine adventure programmer that provokes emotions that it never intended. For example, the gringos are a rather arrogant duo invading a culture that doesn't want them and then proceed to destroy their village! And, of course, it's the brown skinned man who sacrifices himself so the two fair skinned people can safely escape and live happily ever after. And why Peggie Castle would prefer the scrawny dull William Lundigan over the hunky Armando Silvestre is a mystery that's greater than any on display in the movie. But it's entertaining enough in a Saturday matinee "B" movie way. With Rosenda Monteros (THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN).

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