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Friday, April 30, 2010

Battle Beneath The Earth (1967)

Tacky sci-fi mess contains a pretty loopy plot. A renegade Red Chinese faction with plans to take over the world digs tunnels under the Pacific Ocean (no, I’m not kidding) all the way to the United States where they house nuclear bombs underground with the intention of taking over America. When seismic activity indicates recent upheavals are not earthquake related, U.S. army intelligence discovers the diabolical plot and it’s a race against time to foil the dastardly plans of Chinese terrorists. You’d think with a cockamamie plot like that it would at least be fun but it’s a pretty wearisome affair. The most bizarre thing is that almost all the Chinese are played by Caucasian actors in oriental make-up spouting sing-song dialogue. Talk about your politically incorrect. Kerwin Mathews (7TH VOYAGE OF SINBAD) is the nominal hero.

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