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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

She Wouldn't Say Yes (1945)

This tepid attempt at screwball comedy has a vexing undercurrent of sexism that prevents any enjoyment of the lightweight plot. A psychiatrist (Rosalind Russell) has a chance meeting with a cartoonist (Lee Bowman) and it's love at first sight on his part and he pursues her to the point of stalking. The film treats Russell's character, an intelligent strong woman in full control of her life as some kind of uptight freak precisely because she's in full control of her life and happily without a male companion. The film insists on humiliating her until she caves in to the joys of married bliss. We're supposed to be charmed by Bowman's neanderthal insistence on forcing his attentions on her. Russell gives more than the movie deserves. Directed by Alexander Hall (HERE COMES MR. JORDAN). With Adele Jergens (very funny as a Carmen Miranda vamp), Darren McGavin, Percy Kilbride, Harry Davenport and Sara Haden.

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