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Friday, August 20, 2010

The Wild North (1952)

Solid actioner set in the Canadian wilds (with Idaho doing an excellent job of standing in for Canada) and directed by Andrew Marton. A Northwest Mounted policeman (Wendell Corey) goes into the mountains to bring back a trapper (Stewart Granger) to stand trial for murder. As the two men return to civilization, mother nature and other forces test their stamina as they survive an avalanche, below zero weather, lack of food, wild animal attacks (the night attack by a pack of wild wolves is a highlight) as well as the worst of human nature. A tentative respect and bond occurs between the two men that will prove fateful. Oscar winning cinematographer Robert Surtees captures the landscapes beautifully. Granger’s weak French Canadian accent may get on one’s nerves after awhile but other than that, the film goes down smoothly. Co-starring Cyd Charisse as the Indian maiden that Granger falls in love with and a scene stealing kitten.

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