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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Friends With Kids (2012)

After observing how their friends' marriages seem to suffer after the birth of their kids, two platonic friends (Adam Scott, Jennifer Westfeldt) decide to have a child together then search for their soul mates. Written, directed and produced by Westfeldt (along with her life partner Jon Hamm who also acts in the film), the film has four actors who were in last year's big hit BRIDESMAIDS. In addition to Hamm, other cast members include Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph and Chris O'Dowd. But those expecting another BRIDESMAIDS will be in for a disappointment. While it starts off as a typical sex comedy about 30 something relationships, it turns dark fairly quickly. But while the film does have some insight, both amusing and serious, into how kids change relationships with friends as well as marriage, the predictability of where the movie is heading is frustrating and when it comes, it's worse than you could possibly imagine. It doesn't help that Scott is a rather weak and uncharismatic leading man or that Westfeldt seems to be unsuccessfully channeling Diane Keaton. There's a nice New Years' celebration scene with some bite (and a nice turn by Hamm) that the movie could have used more of. With Edward Burns as the perfect guy who courts Westfeldt and Megan Fox as Scott's Broadway dancer girlfriend.

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