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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mirror Mirror (2012)

A vain, corrupt and evil Queen (Julia Roberts) has bankrupted her kingdom with her lavish lifestyle and kept her stepdaughter, the lovely Snow White (Lily Collins, THE BLIND SIDE) restricted to her bedroom. When the young girl ventures out to the kingdom on her 18th birthday, she discovers the true breadth of the devastation her stepmother has wreaked on the kingdom. However "Grimm" that synopsis sounds, this a visually stunning, irreverent and often witty take with a feminist twist on the Snow White story. Since it's directed by Tarsem Singh (THE FALL) who's visual style is his signature, this is one opulent looking movie. The stagebound sets of forests and villages add a stylized feel to the proceedings that give the film that "once upon a time" feeling. Roberts as the wicked Queen and Nathan Lane as her put upon servant can do parts like this in their sleep but Roberts seems to be having a great time and relishing being so deliciously wicked. Collins seems ideal casting for the Audrey Hepburn story when it gets made and Armie Hammer (THE SOCIAL NETWORK) as Prince Charming proves charmingly adept at comedy. The breathtaking costumes by the late Oscar winning Eiko Ishioka (the film is dedicated to her) are works of art. The wonderful underscore is by Alan Menken (BEAUTY AND THE BEAST). The kids will love it. With Sean Bean and Mare Winningham.

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