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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Goodbye Gemini (1970)

It's London in the swinging sixties and a pair of kinky and amoral twins (Martin Potter of FELLINI SATYRICON, Judy Geeson) with incestuous leanings live in their own world, shutting out everyone else. But when a sleazy pimp (Alexis Kanner in the film's best performance) invades their world, it starts spinning out of control. The film is a curio of its time and on that level, it's highly watchable. As anything else, it's a messy homicidal variant of LES ENFANTS TERRIBLE and no, that's not a recommendation. Based on the novel ASK AGAMEMNON by Jenni Hall, the twins are too creepy to invest any empathy in and they're not interesting enough to make us care. Directed by Alan Gibson. There's a nice enough score by Christopher Gunning (LA VIE EN ROSE) peppered with 60s pop and Geoffrey Unsworth (CABARET) did the cinematography. With Michael Redgrave and Freddie Jones.

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