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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Little Giant (1946)

A not too bright country bumpkin (Lou Costello) goes to Los Angeles to make his fortune ..... as a vacuum cleaner salesman! The corrupt district manager of the company (Bud Abbott) has been skimming profits from the company into his own personal account. When the manager fires the inept salesman, his uncle (George Cleveland) who works for the company secretly sends him to a branch in Northern California run by the manager's cousin (also played by Bud Abbott). Perhaps the most unusual film in Abbott & Costello's filmography in that they both actually play separate characters rather than their usual vaudeville comedy team antics. Their roles are sufficiently removed from their usual persona that they have a chance to act and Costello has a few touching moments as the self doubting hick. Alas, the result is that it's just not as funny as their best vehicles. In fact, it's often rather dull. Directed by William A. Seiter (1935's ROBERTA). With Margaret Dumont, Brenda Joyce, Elena Verdugo, Jacqueline DeWit, Mary Gordon and Donald MacBride.

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