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Friday, December 14, 2012

A Private's Affair (1959)

Three guys are inducted into the Army at the same time: a "beatnik" (Sal Mineo), a rancher (Gary Crosby, yes, Bing's kid) and a wholesome middle class young man (Barry Coe). The three enter an Army talent show but problems arise when Coe, due to a mix up, is accidentally and secretly married to an older U.S. Army official (Jessie Royce Landis) high up in the chain of command. Directed by the veteran Raoul Walsh, this film is so lightweight that you expect it to dissolve at any minute. Though not a musical, the film is padded out with a couple of unmemorable musical numbers and a monkey act. Coe's character takes center stage and his comical situation provides whatever minor laughs there are to be had. The rest of the film consists of romantic encounters with the film's three leading ladies: Barbara Eden, Terry Moore and Christine Carere (A CERTAIN SMILE). With Jim Backus and Bob Denver, who would go on to do GILLIGAN'S ISLAND together a few years later and Ken Scott.

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