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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Kaleidoscope (1966)

A dishonest professional gambler (Warren Beatty) is blackmailed by his girlfriend's (Susannah York) Scotland Yard detective father (Clive Revill) into helping him ruin a wealthy narcotics dealer (Eric Porter) with an addiction to high stakes poker. KALEIDOSCOPE is one of those movies that probably play better today than when first released (it wasn't a success). The 1960s had a glut of those swinging London flix, there wasn't anything special about most of them, but today KALEIDOSCOPE seems an modestly entertaining relic of the era. Since I love cards, perhaps I'm overly partial to films dealing where card games play a central role. This was director Jack Smight's follow up to his Paul Newman hit HARPER and like that film, Smight is lucky to have two charismatic romantic leads in Beatty and York. This was obviously a paycheck role for Beatty, so he's more relaxed (which is a good thing) than he is in his more personal projects where he often tries too hard and York is the very embodiment of the 60s English dolly. With Murray Melvin, Jane Birkin and Yootha Joyce.

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