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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Four In A Jeep (1951)

In post war Vienna, the city is divided into four sectors: American, Russian, French and British. An international police consisting of four military policeman from each of the four nations (the American Ralph Meeker, the Russian Yossi Yadin, the British Michael Medwin, the French Albert Dinan) riding in the same jeep perform their daily duties patrolling the city. But when an Austrian widow (Viveca Lindfors) whose husband (Hans Putz) is a POW wanted by the Soviets is harassed by the Russians, it threatens the tenuous peaceful coexistence between the Russians and Americans. A relatively little seen film, it was somewhat critically admired in its day, winning the top prize at the Berlin film festival as well as a BAFTA nomination and runner up at the Cannes film festival. It's a rather simple story of how a love (or rather a love story) can bring opposing nations together. It's intentions are good but it does come across as rather transparent today. Directed by Leopold Lindtberg. With Paulette Dubost as Dinan's garrulous wife.

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