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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Il Figlio Di Spartacus (aka The Slave) (1962)

A Roman centurion (Steve Reeves) is sent by Julius Caesar (Ivo Garrani) as an emissary to Crassus (Claudio Gora) because Caesar suspects him of planning a coup to overthrow him. It is during this very trip however, that the centurion discovers he is the son of Spartacus, the slave that led a revolt that almost caused the fall of Rome. Directed by Sergio Corbucci (the original DJANGO), this sword and sandal epic is fairly intelligent compared to its often tacky brethren. But who watches peplum for good taste? Filmed in Egypt, the CinemaScope photography by Enzo Barboni is nicely done but it's a dull affair. The movie requires Reeves to use his acting ability (never his strong point) rather than his muscles and the fun of his Hercules and Goliath movies is missing. There's a nice score by Piero Piccioni however. With Jacques Sernas, Gianna Maria Canale (who makes for an interesting villainess) and Ombretta Colli.

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