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Saturday, February 23, 2013

L'Animal (aka Stuntwoman) (1977)

A stunt man (Jean Paul Belmondo) is a bit of a klutz and the cause of many a disaster on a film set. When one stunt goes horribly wrong, he and his stunt woman girlfriend (Raquel Welch, looking drop dead gorgeous) end up in the hospital. This is the last straw in the relationship and she leaves him but he won't be deterred. When he doubles as a stunt man for a mincing gay actor (also played by Belmondo), he sets a plan in motion to get her back. This good natured action comedy should have been better and mostly coasts on the star power of Belmondo and Welch. There is one amusing sequence when the gay Belmondo chases the straight Belmondo who chases Welch who thinks the gay Belmondo is the straight Belmondo and attempts to seduce him. I'm not sure Belmondo's swishy gay wouldn't offend some in the gay community but I found it harmless if a stereotype. Directed by Claude Zidi with Claude Renoir (THE SPY WHO LOVED ME) in charge of the cinematography. With Claude Chabrol, Jane Birkin, Johnny Hallyday and Dany Saval.

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